MBC registrations not showing up in ScoutBook

I have 3 Merit Badge Counselors that were registered as MBC on ScoutNet on Monday, 5/17 but have not pushed thru to ScoutBook yet on Thursday, 5/20.
Two of them were renewals, and one was a new registration. It is now Thursday and they still don’t show up on ScoutBook? Is there an especially long backlog for processing? Or why didn’t they push thru within the normal 24-48 hours?

MID 13358342: Previously registered as MBC in 2020. Didn’t renew before the 4/30 ScoutBook purge. Renewed as MBC on 5/17. At present, she does not have an active registration in ScoutBook, so her record shows No Council, and I cannot access it to schedule a Sync from Person. Can you please schedule this?

MID 12451022: Existing MBC in 2020. Didn’t renew before the 4/30 ScoutBook purge. MBC Registration was renewed by registrar on ScoutNet on Monday 5/17. Shows up as MBC on VST Person record, effective 5/1, expires 12/31. ScoutBook shows previous MBC expired on the 4/30/21 purge. New MBC registration does not show up on ScoutBook. I scheduled a VST ScoutBook Sync from Person today to see if this clears the problem.

MID 13769272: Previous MBC in 2020. New MBC registration entered on 5/16. MBC registration shows up on VST Person record, effective 5/1, expires 12/31. It does not show up as MBC on ScoutBook. I scheduled a VST Sync from Person to see if this clears up overnight.

Thanks for your help.

The Sync from Person resolved the 2nd and 3rd counselors.

1st counselor is now not showing up in ScoutBook at all? On Wednesday I found her in ScoutBook (by her name, but with No Council. For that reason I could not schedule a Sync from Person. Today, I cannot find her in ScoutBook at all. Not by name, email, BSA Member ID, My.Scouting Account ID or SB User ID (10137992). Has her ScoutBook record been “captured” by a different council? (I am in Council 055).


On further checking, I find that the latest download of counselors from ScoutBook includes her as an MBC with her badges. But when I search for her in ScoutBook with VST, I don’t find any record. ???



I found her is SB. She is listed as an MBC, Council 055. I searched on her userID but my version of VST is not restricted by Council. I’ll check with the developers.

Thanks Ed. Not sure what is going on. Appreciate your help.

Is there any way to predict how long it will take for ScoutNet data to push over to ScoutBook? I know it usually it happens overnight. But sometimes MBC renewals don’t sync overnight. For example, I entered an MBC renewal yesterday during the day and it is not showing up in ScoutBook today. In cases like that, should I regularly select the “Sync from Person”? or just wait another day?



the sync from person only puts it in line to sync - it is not instant - Syncs are not always 24 hours

Thanks, I understood that. It goes into a FIFO queue. And apparently the workload is such that that queue is not fully processed every night. I was just wondering if there was a way I could predict when an update would clear overnight, or be delayed for another day?

It seems wasteful of time and computer resources to be uploading a list of counselors when the updates to ScoutBook have not cleared yet.


We just had a merit badge counselor unregistered from ScoutBook as an NBC. This counter still shows in position at scout net but does not show as merit badge counselor in the council MBC’s download list. I have checked with the registrar and she sees the same thing that I am seeing above and has also had this happen recently before to other scouters.I can send Data on scouter and IDs if requested.

@JohnHeuchan Please post the BSA member number.

12148529 Shows in Scoutnet and my.scouting but not in ScoutBook

@JohnHeuchan She has a duplicate Scoutbook account. I can merge them.

Her son appears to be using the same e-mail address in Scoutbook, and that can also cause problems.

@JohnHeuchan After merging T.N.'s Scoutbook accounts last night, I requested a position sync. Her MBC and Committee Member positions look fixed to me today.

I still recommend changing her son’s e-mail address.

Thank you is it possible you can chime in on

Need Roles and permission for my. Acouting

Yes if typo’Ed the topic name.

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