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Scoutbook Internationalization - USPS zip code not available

The BSA promise is that Scoutbook services will be available to all units. Why does Scoutbook continue to require units, scouts and scouters to have USPS assign zip codes? Not all of them have them, I suggest checking what the BSA membership database supports. Apparently Scoutbook and BSA membership programmer analysts are not on the same track.

My understanding is that some BSA tools now shift to an international format if the country is not the USA.

Scoutbook 2020 Announcement

New Features

  • First Time Login
    • The first time a user logs in to Scoutbook, if a zip code is not part of the user’s profile, the user will be required to enter one

BSA 2019 announcement (my.scouting,org)

Recent Updates
National 02/19/2019

Coming Soon

  • Adjusting zip code processing in account creation and in Application forms for non-US country addresses.

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