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Scoutbook invitations on Android

So Scoutbook connection invitations are broken on Android.

Here’s what they look like on iOS:

Looks good, right?

Now, here’s what two parents have forwarded to me in the last two days:

Notice the complete lack of introductory text, links, password, signup button?

This is completely not cool. This needs fixed now.

Having the same issue on my pack, any work arounds found?

Seriously? No official response? If parents can’t connect to Scoutbook, Scoutbook doesn’t function.

I’ve put in an email support request on this issue; we’ll see what happens with that.

is it the default email client for android?

You’re saying the exact same email looks different on Android than other email clients?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying.

I’ll admit that these screenshots aren’t literally from the same email—that would be difficult to arrange, as I don’t have an Android device. But they’re using the exact same method of sending: The “Send Invite” (or “Send Invite Again”) option at the bottom of the “Modify Connected Adult” screen.

I don’t know. I assume so. I presume anyone familiar with Android can look at the screenshots and tell what client it is.

@JSyler can you find out if their email client is setup to strip HTML and images?

There’s already an image in the email. There is clearly HTML formatting. So that wouldn’t seem to be the problem. It’s cutting everything out…what, after my picture? Could the image of me be the problem?

@JSyler - that appears to be the gmail app of the phone. There is a setting to auto fit email to the screen, perhaps that could be the issue.

yeah this seems to be an individual user issue - otherwise we would be hearing about it.

Could you clarify how you’re experiencing this issue, @ChristopherLindell? Screenshots would be helpful.

Do you perhaps have an Android so I could add you to my Troop and see if you experience the same issue?

no android here - I wonder if the accounts are behind a firewall?

I have an android and a gmail account that exists in scoutbook. You could search for Steve Hornak and lets see what happens. I will leave the fit email setting on.

@Stephen_Hornak @JSyler DM sent to you 2

Sent to both of you.

@JSyler looks fine to me

@JSyler - have not received the invite for Steve Hornak. Were you able to locate that account.

@Stephen_Hornak As I see you’ve connected, I assume that the email looks fine for you.


I wonder what the heck could be wrong? Why would two different phones go wrong in the exact same way?