Parent not getting connection invite emails

Hello, SUAC experts,

I have a parent (AdultUserID 11860869, BSA ID 137295881) who appears to be connected to their scout (ScoutUserID 11860690, BSA ID 137295880) as a parent in Scoutbook. However, the parent reports they are not receiving the invitation to connect emails, and Scoutbook currently shows a “broken link” for the parent. Are there any recommendations for diagnosing the potential issues? I see that they have not “blocked” Scoutbook emails ion the system, and their email address looks correct. I verified that the scout doesn’t have any hanging memberships in other units visible in Scoutbook, same thing regarding hanging PORs in another unit.

The parent is also reporting that they are not receiving the event announcement emails. Based on past experience, not having logged in to their Scoutbook account hasn’t prevented parents from getting emails before, but I don’t know if that changed at some point. I’d like to rule out that as a factor if possible.

I’m going to do a screenshare with the parent this week to see if looking at it from their end helps resolve the issue. Any thoughts on what I should be looking at from their end during the screen share?

I was obviously going to ask them to go through their spam/junk folder in case Scoutbook emails are getting flagged. That seems unlikely (we both have the same ISP/mail service provider, and mine go through fine), but I’m not sure if they might have flagged one or two in the past by mistake, and the system has been “helping” ever since. I’ll likely try sending another invite email to them while we’re meeting to verify it doesn’t go though, but I’m not sure what else I can do on my end aside from randomly poking around.

The problem is the parent created a ID with the Scout’s MID but parent’s e-mail address. The system thinks she has a SSO ID for Scoutbook but because of the mixup in creating the ID, she can’t log in.

I am investigating what we need to do to fix this.

Thanks @edavignon! I’m glad it’s not just that I’m missing something.

This is fixed. The mom needs to user the Google Login button to log in to both Scoutbook and

Awesome! Thanks, @edavignon.

ETA: I unchecked the solution box because the parent is reporting that she’s not seeing her scout’s profile when she logs in and gets an error trying to log in to with her gmail credentials.

I’ll give it overnight to propagate out, then try again with her on a screenshare to see if something else looks weird. I suspect it’s just propagation through the system, but I’ll report back if it’s still not working later.

Just a keep-alive message here. The parent is still having issues getting logged in, and I wasn’t able to immediately identify anything when we looked at it together. I’m going to keep poking at it, and will either post a resolution if we work it out, or ask for additional help if we can’t.

All of these issues have been turned in - we do not know when they will be resolved