Scoutbook connection invites are still broken

Request: Please put in a ticket to resolve this error and elevate it its priority accordingly. This is a backend IT / workflow issue.

Explanation with examples
New scout is created in the system by way of a paper application ( The “system” creates an account in scoutbook with the corresponding data set. As a leader, what I see when the scout first appears on my roster is this. I see a new scout with all the information that was input from the application that I turned in. I see the Parent’s information as well, along with an email address for said parent. What I also see is a broken chain link. This means the parent is not connected to the youth or has not created an account on

Now, who’s turn is it to make a move? The system does not send an email to the parent automatically. It does not send the parent a link with instructions on what to do next. The only thing the parent knows to do is what the scout leader tells them to do.

There are no scenario-specific web pages or instruction sets that we can forward to adults. Nothing that makes sense anyway. I’ve looked and searched many times over and if they DO exist then they should be more easily accessible.

One of the mechanisms that are in place is to “add connection” on the scoutbook side. This process sends an introductory email and a request to the person being invited, to log in to with a set of supplied credentials. Naturally, you would think I would use this to “send the parent some help” or some instructions. This is not the case, however.
Attached is a screenshot of the current email that is sent. This was captured on 2/14/22 and is current.

All of the information in this email is incorrect. No account gets created and the credentials are bogus. We know this because you cannot use an email address as a login name anywhere in the system. All this email does is cause massive confusion, even for someone with moderate computer skills.
Please change this automatically generated email to contain something that is useful. Maybe a link to a help page or proper instructions for logging in to and creating an account. If this can’t be accomplished then just delete it. Sending a blank email would be less confusing and cause less work.

We need a set of instructions specifically for this scenario. A web page preferably. Something that would guide a parent through the process completely and not involve the scout leader.
And no, not this web page. Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base That page is not for this scenario. It even contains the broken email I’m speaking about. (But yet another example of incorrect information that causes leaders to expend more time)

Every time one of these emails is sent, it costs me a minimum of an hour of my time. (Remember, that’s all I signed up for in the first place :slight_smile: ) I have to send emails to parents and call the office to talk to someone about accounts and duplications etc etc etc. The list goes on. This issue is ongoing for almost two years now. This is at least the third time that I’ve had to test this scenario with fake emails just to see if the process has been fixed.
Please feel free to contact me for more details if needed.

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