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My den is now a wolf den but my meetings are showing for tiger advancements. How can I change over the meetings?

I assume you mean in the Den Leader Experience @StaceyArbaugh? Your Den has to be advanced in Scoutbook > have a den or unit admin - go to your Den and Edit Den > then click advance Den. I am not sure if you can make new events again for the den after that

our den was advanced by our cubmaster, but I still cannot add wolf advancements

Do you mean you are trying to mark things complete that Scouts have completed or something else? What are you encountering when you try?

When I first logged into the beta version, my den was still a tiger group in scout book. They have since been marked as wolves, now my meetings are marked for tigers. I would like my meetings to reflect the higher rank.

@StaceyArbaugh this has been passed on to the Developer

Thank you so much I truly appreciate it. I have one question why can’t leaders delete meetings as they see fit? My scouts want to do specific electives this year. I want to make sure I will be able to put these in our planner.

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@StaceyArbaugh we have the same questions. All elective adventures are supposed to be added to DLE in the future.

At least I am not alone with this question. Hopefully it will be resolved in the near future.

Yes, this feature seems like a crucial one. I would love to use Scoutbook to track and plan meetings, but without the ability to edit a meeting name and/or topic/ activity as a den leader, it’s a bit useless to me. My Wolf den is also still in Tiger mode at least for meeting names in Scoutbook.

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