Den Leader Can't Update Advancements for Den on Scoutbook, but can on DLE?

Hi all, I’m very new to this and our pack is a mess so I’m hoping I’ve just missed something simple but I’m majorly struggling with Scoutbook. I am the Tiger Den leader and on Scoutbook I am listed as the Tiger Den leader. When I click on “My Positions” I see Tiger Den Leader with the green check, and when I click on the Tiger Den I see myself listed as the leader. However, I have no control over any of the Scouts in my Den. I can’t update their advancements or even click on their names, just my own son.

Weirdly, I CAN do advancements in the DLE. I can also update pending items in
internet Advancement. I could just keep using DLE to do my advancements, but I find it not super flexible (can’t do individual advancements, its all based around meeting attendance) and would prefer to use Scoutbook. Any ideas on why I seem unable to do anything in Scoutbook but I do have that ability in DLE?

I think that DLE relies on the registered positions in my.scouting, together with the den assignments in Scoutbook to determine “permissions”, and really all that’s happening is that you’re marking attendance, and the software is “pushing” the completions out automatically as a separate process.

Scoutbook is set up such that your connection to individual scouts governs what you are allowed to do. My guess is that one or more of the scouts in your den are only connected to you with View Advancement permissions. You need at least Edit Advancement permissions in order to record advancement in Scoutbook.

Den Admin and Den Leader are separate positions. Try having one of your Scoutbook Unit Admins (CM, CC, COR, and Key 3 Delegates, or anyone specifically designated as a unit admin) add a Den Admin position for you in your den. That should automatically connect you to all of your scouts, and any scouts who are added to your den in the future. Otherwise, you would likely need a unit admin to connect to to any scouts added to your den as they are added.


You are not a den admin, which means you will not be automatically connected to your Scouts in Scoutbook.

Ask a Pack Admin (signified by 2 keys in the roster) to make you a Den Admin. This will fix your problem with Scoutbook.

Getting added as a Den Admin will also give you access to the den’s calendar in Scoutbook.

Thank you so much! I’m so impressed with how quickly I got an answer on this!

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