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Calendar event reminders not being sent

I’m not seeing any calendar reminders being sent as scheduled. The only one that seems to be working is if I set to send now. When I look at the event in Scoutbook it doesn’t indicate the at the message was sent.

How long has it been since you’re received a scheduled reminder?

3-4 weeks. I know there should be several events on my units calendar that reminders are scheduled and have not sent.
It is definitely any event in 2021 that is not working for me. The last 2 weeks of last year we didn’t have anything going on so I’m not entirely certain when it stopped working.

I was getting reminders for an event we held last weekend (9 Jan)

All were successfully received

Same situation happened to me yesterday. Seems to be a change since the last software maintenance earlier this week. I even deleted my previously-created calendar events and recreated them. Still, the event for today, no reminder was sent. Definite bug.

Here are several that I have that haven’t sent reminders as set.

I’ve reported this to the developers.

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@RonaldAndersen @KevinCatallo New scheduled reminders seem to be working again, and I even got one last night that should have come through 5 days ago. Did you get any of the missed reminders?

I am receiving some now. Not all.

Can you go to the Scoutbook event for one of the events that’s scheduled reminder still hasn’t come through and the event is still in the future, and pull the event ID out of the URL?

I don’t have any future ones that should send an email and haven’t. I have a meeting tonight that the reminder did send this morning.

A meeting we had last night did not send any reminders other than the one I forced to send with Send Now yesterday afternoon. The ID for that is 3090431. This one could all depend upon the timing of when it turned on. I usually have the reminders go out 3 days before and 12 hours before, and I suspect the change occurred after 3, which is after I forced the reminder to go out.

At this point I’m good with monitoring to see if the notices go out and following up if I notice any that are not going when they should.

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Yes, they seem to be working again.

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