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Scoutbook Messaging Not Working

Hello. We had to cancel our meeting tonight due to ice but we cannot send out any messages. We type the email via scoutbook and hit send and it confirms it but we haven’t gotten any email. I’ve been using a private window and I’ve turned BCC off. Please help ASAP


Provider issues in the Texas area due to weather conditions

Not working for me either.

Also, I recommend setting this up: Mass Texting Service | Mass Text Messaging Service | Text-Em-All for text notifications like this. It is free if you tell them you are non profit. It works great for our troop.

@MaguireYounes Many of the BSA’s systems are down due to the weather conditions in Texas.

Have a unit Admin Export / Backup the Leaders & Parents csv file. Open it up in a spreadsheet and use the info there to contact parents.

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