All MBC functions disappeared

3 weeks ago I logged into scout book and all my merit badge counselor functions had disappeared. I checked with council. They are at a loss. I still show on their end as a registered merit badge counselor.
My account area also still has merit badge counselor listed as an active position. Scouts/leaders cannot locate me to make a connection though.

Are you a unit leader as well as a MBC? If so, what happens when you search for yourself by name with the zip code blank, the distance set to “any”, and availability set to “both”?

I’m not a leader for the troop. My positions are den leader, nova counselor and MBC. I did go under my son’s subaccount and try to search my name but I didn’t show up.

Your MBC position is not approved in Scoutbook. I have requested a position sync. It should be fixed sometime tomorrow.

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Thank you Jennifer! That will be wonderful!

Your MBC position is approved in Scoutbook today.

However, it looks like your Nova Counselor position has expired. You will need to talk to your local council about that position.

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