ScoutBook/Order of the Arrow Reports Concern

I ran an OA report and the camping nights do not equal what I count. I have a camper that I know camped 19 nights to include 2 long term camps but I only counted 3 of the nights from the long term and it is 19 so that should qualify. Even if I didn’t count any nights he should still qualify, so I am curious why he would be in the does not meet area. He is a first class. I also double checked the “indoor” camps we have had and I am not counting those.

Also, if a Scout doesn’t make it to an Ordeal when will he come off of the OA scouts list so that we can run a report again and have his numbers for nights camped for possible re-election?

@AlyssaSchaefbauer What is the Scout’s BSA member number or Scoutbook user ID? (No names, please.)

So, this looks like a combination of a policy question (for which the BSA says they want us to refer folks to their council for responses) and a functionality question, which I think we’re allowed to address.

There’s often confusion about how nights are counted, so I’ll point you at the OA’s membership eligibility information here: Membership | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America If you need further clarification, I would reach out to your local OA lodge or chapter for clarification.

On the functionality issue, Scoutbook counts one (and not more than one) long-term camp within the preceding two years. It does not count portions of other long-term camps toward the required short-term camping nights.

Regarding falling-off of the list of OA scouts in the report, I’m not entirely clear what you’re asking. You have to manually change the OA status in Scoutbook from the default (i.e. not a member) to toggling the OA Member slider, and setting dates for various events (election, ordeal, brotherhood, vigil, etc) under Edit Extended Information. Just because a scout is elected doesn’t automatically adjust these things. It is actively toggling the OA Member slider to “on” in Edit Extended Information that pulls a scout/scouter off of the eligibility list. That toggle should only be set after the individual completes their ordeal weekend.

For a scout or scouter who doesn’t make it to an ordeal, I would recommend that you review the OA policy documents for information about the duration of eligibility, and ask your local lodge/chapter for additional clarification if you need it. There is information in the OA policy documents that addresses how long someone is eligible to complete an ordeal after election and when they must be re-elected/re-nominated to become a candidate again.

Apologies for the awkward phrasing, but I’m trying to toe the line without simply saying “go ask your local lodge”. :^)

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If you remove the OA Election Date in Scoutbook, the Scout will show up in the OA Eligibility Report again.

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@AlyssaSchaefbauer Could you post some BSA member numbers of Scouts where you think the OA Eligibility Report is incorrect? (No names, please.)