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Internet Advancement Issue

On the reports for camping, the camping log is not communicating with Scoutbook. We are working on OA eligible scouts, and IA shows they meet the requirements, but not in SB.

Hi, @JohnSeever,

What specifically is not registering correctly? Assuming we’re talking about a troop, the requirements are:

  • minimum First Class rank
  • minimum 5 nights of long-term camping (from trips of 5 nights or more) within the previous 2 years
  • minimum 10 nights of short term-camping (from trips of 3 nights or fewer, including up to 3 nights from 4-night campouts) within the previous two years

In SB go to Unit > Reports > run the OA eligibility report

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I do that. for example, one of our scouts has 32 nights of camping including 5 nights and SB shows 14 nights. the SB ones are from before IA started and was to be used. Out of the 8 scouts we have in the troop, all have wrong numbers.

If Log numbers are wrong in IA you need to send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org outlining the issues

When you send the e-mail to Scoutbook Support, please be as specific as you can and include Scout names, BSA member numbers, unit number, and council name.

I update everything in IA now and when I run the OA Eligible report, it does not have the same numbers that I have entered in IA.

OA report is based on the last 24 months - that is all - only the latest 2 years count

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The OA membership requirements are listed here: https://oa-bsa.org/about/membership

I usually paraphrase it slightly from the way it’s stated, but @DonovanMcNeil is absolutely correct. It’s only the preceding 2 years before the election that is included, not all camping since joining the troop. In that regard, it is quite distinct from Camping MB, for example. Like camping MB, it is only camping done under the auspices of the BSA. It also has specific requirements that the camping be a mix of short and long-term camping, which is not easily extracated from the total nights reported in either IA2 or the previous Scoutbook interface. That’s one reason that the OA eligibility report was originally developed: to help simplify the task of assessing the eligibility of the scouts for election, based on the numerical factors.

ETA: Oops. Hit post before I was finished.

If there’s still a specific disconnect, such as Scout A shows 10 nights of short-term camping and 6 nights of long-term in IA2 within the last two years, but only shows 8 nights of short-term, then that could be a problem with the data interchange. That should be investigated. Otherwise, if the nights match within the preceding two years of the date the report is entered, then there’s likely no disconnect.

I’m still not entirely clear from your messages exactly what the difference you’re seeing is.

To clarify, the OA report is based on the last 24 months from the Election Date entered on the report screen.

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