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Scoutbook Pack Admin rights

This is the second time this is happening . Due to discrepancies in leadership and policies followed in Pack ; I’m moving Packs . Both the Packs I have been in have Scoutbook and I’m a registered leader . Even before moving Packs , those who have Pack Admin rights have removed me from Scoutbook. Can something be done to restrict Pack Admin rights to Key 3 only and also can something be done to prevent CM or CC to remove the other person in the Key 3. Need help and advice on how to deal with this as my child is still on the roster and I need to move him to another pack. We all join scouting for the sake of our kids and when all this is happening in leadership ; its so hurtful not only for us but also our kids .


You can move your Scout to a new pack at any time. Go to the Scout’s membership page, click +Add then add the membership. To end the current membership, click on that pack in the Scout’s membership page, add an end date and click Update.

Your registered position in the pack expired on 1/31/21 and the recharter has not yet been posted. When it is, if you are on the updated roster your position in the pack will be added back. Before then, you will need to speak with a pack admin to restore your membership in the pack.

There are no plans to change the way adult leadership is managed in Scoutbook other than the previously announced change to remove anyone without a current registration in the BSA from the leadership portion of unit rosters. Units need to be able to manage their rosters including admins.

Thank you for your reply . Since recharter work is still in process and due to the grid working slow , I’m unable to move my cub .I will try again next week what you have mentioned about my cub’s membership and hopefully it will work …

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