Best practice for roster membership management when scouts move away


We have 5 scouts in our pack who moved away (to other states) over the summer. I expect all 5 to eventually transfer to another pack because they are from families with a strong scouting tradition.

Until they transfer to another pack, what is the best practice for how to handle their membership in our pack in scoutbook? Should I mark an end date on their membership, or is best practice to leave them there until they transfer elsewhere (or is there a 3rd option)?

The main reason for asking is so a) we don’t pester them with communication from their old pack and b) so that we don’t accidentally include them when we are doing headcounts for supplies etc.

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if they moved - check to make sure one parent is connected (accepted the invite - closed chain icon) - and if so put an end date to the membership

Thank you; that seems reasonable. I assume the rationale here is to make sure that someone with an active account has the ability to hand over control to another pack later?

kind of - the issue here is it is likely a new council so new bsa # for scout

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Based on my experience (having two BSA ID numbers, one if which was from my youth council), I would recommend making sure the parents have a copy of their scouts’ BSA ID and advancement report from this council. That will make it easier to merge the records down the line, in case the new council creates a new scoutbook record.

Philip, be sure all their advancement and awards are up to date and awarded and their payment log is at zero

If everything is done, then you have a choice - follow Donovan’s steps to remove them from the pack or keep them on the role, but without including them in activity invites/communication/attendance.

If you want to keep access to them:

  • create an inactive patrol - I recommend “Webelos Den 99 - Inactive Scouts”
  • move the scout to the inactive patrol
  • go to the scout’s membership, remove the check mark of approval, and save. This will remove the green shield displayed by the scout’s name on the pack and den roster views. The scout will no longer be available to invite to events; parents will not be available to email. However, the scout will show in roster view for pack and den.

When you want to access their record, go to their membership and check the approved box and save. Now you have all access again.

What member update is supposed to do (say when a registrar in council or new council enters this cub with a new membership)

  1. Look at First Name / Last Name
  2. Look at DOB
  3. See if any existing scout in the system matches and if so add him to the new unit and replace the MID (member ID / BSA #) with the new one

I have not seen this happen yet but we can all hope

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