Scoutbook plus editing den

I can’t find any way to edit an existing den. The den button referenced in the how to video does not exist. I have full permission as pack admin and Cubmaster.

@JamesVaughn - you would be able to do that via pc/mac

When you say edit a den, are you trying to move scouts into/out of a den, or are you trying to modify the den itself (e.g. advance the den, change the name/number, etc)?

@JamesVaughn that does not function on Mobile yet - you could try turning phone sideways to make it a larger width to force it to desktop view

@JamesVaughn Some mobile devices have an option like “Desktop site” (might be called something different, depending on your device).

All of the above . .

Turning the phone sideways only displays a message that landscape is not supported.

Requesting desktop version does not change the behavior.

I sure hope that is on the roadmap.

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@JamesVaughn - it works on the pc.

Editing a unit and dens really should be done on a personal computer where you have the room to allow the layout to be fully visible and fully work. This will be improved for mobile in the future, but for now use a desktop.

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