Scoutbook Plus (Internet Advancement) direct vs via scoutbook login subunits not visible in calendar

When I sign in to scoutbook then go to Internet Advancement (Scoutbook plus) and view the calendar I see both my units and my subunits (Dens & Patrols). When I timeout, then log in to internet advancement directly, I no longer see my sub units on the calendar.

I then logout and login to scoutbook, go to Internet Advancement, and the calendar again shows my sub units.

Within scoutbook plus, when you don’t see the subunits, you could try changing the dropdown in the upper right corner?

Also try a Shift + Refresh

Changing units in the dropdown menu caused the calendar to refresh and show all the subunits. It is a workaround to this odd software.

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Right now when you are under Parent of X Scout - you only see that scouts Calendars

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