Advancements Calendar Not Displaying Any Events for Secondary Unit

My AOL scout recently transferred to Troop and I now have access to both Pack and Troop calendars from the new Advancement Calendar system. However, only the Pack calendar shows up. When I change units to Troop in the top right, I see no events. The primary Troop calendar and all it’s sub-calendars are checked in the right pane so I expect to see all Troop events just like the Pack events.

If I click the ‘Scoutbook Calendar (old)’ link at the bottom of the page, I am able to view both Pack and Troop events combined on the same calendar which is really what I need.


Has your son been invited to troop events? Only events you put your son are invited to will appear.

And if they just joined there are a few syncs over a 24 hour period

Thank you. I did consider this though it will be a hassle for any Troop or Pack to have to manually add any new scout to all events.

In the old Scoutbook calendar interface, I am able to see all events, even those my scout is NOT invited to. Not being invited to an event still limits their ability to RSVP and receive email event reminders but they can still view the event.

Do you think the Advancement calendar should only show events you are invited to or all events as it did in Scoutbook?

I can workaround this by subscribing to the calendar’s public URL in my Apple calendar app where it shows all events regardless of invitation.


There is a plan to automatically add all new members to existing events but that can’t be implemented until the Scoutbook calendar is completely retired (it is still available, just hard to get to in case a bug that can’t be worked around is found.)

We will be asking the developers to make all events visible even if you are not invited. This will make the IA view the same as you will see if you subscribe to the ICS feed on your Google, iCalendar or other calendar system (links under the IA calendar).

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Thank you for letting me know about the enhancement to add all new members to existing events and asking to make all events visible even if you are not invited. Much appreciated!

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