ScoutBook Profile Edit Links to Advancement

The link takes you to Advancement instead of to a Profile editor. Trying to add a photo to my Profile in ScoutBook.

Profiles are now stored on IA2, which then feeds to Scoutbook.

I am currently a Merit Badge Counselor and do not have authorization to enter that system.

  • John

What happens when you try?

It tells me that I am not authorized.

  • John

This is the screen I get:

Try going to my.scouting. You may be able to force the update by updating your profile there. There may be some items you have to get the council registrar to update for you, however.

ETA: I hadn’t noticed that I can edit my photo at my.scouting before. I’m so used to doing that via the Scoutbook/IA2 profile that my eyes went right over it.

I have added a photo to ScoutBook. It doesn’t seem to migrate.

  • John

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