Updating Scout Advancement/merit badge counselor issue

I am the troop admin as well as a merit badge counselor. In Scoutbook, if I am linked to a scout for approving merit badge work, I cannot access the scout’s information under “advancement” to enter other information or add merit badges that another counselor (who does not use scoutbook) has signed off on as completed. How do I access the “advancement” section for this scout? All the others in my troop I can access their information and update it, just not the one I am a merit badge counselor for.


Look at your connection to the Scout you are having trouble with. Make sure both the Adult Leader and MBC check boxes are turned on.

@MarkCash - is that scout in your unit ? You could go to the troop roster, look for that scout, click on said scout, then go to membership and make sure that the current membership is approved by clicking on it and checking thee approval box and saving. Another thing would be to in the same roster list, find you name and position and checking the I agree and saving.

This is my unit. I am assistant scoutmaster and troop admin. This young man is in my troop. I have full control on everybody else in the unit. I had full control on this scout until I became his merit badge counselor and entered some of his information in scoutbook this morning. Now I can only access those two merit badges and see his profile, but not make updates. I cannot find under “membership” or “my connections” where to correct this. I am listed as the assistant scoutmaster with full control for all the other scouts, just not this one.

@MarkCash - if you would like another set of eyes on this, please email me at shornak@bloomberg.net and we can run a remote session to take a look.

yeah I think 4 or more eyes need to be on this @MarkCash - either email @Stephen_Hornak or tag me in a post and we can take a look

I am in the set connections page now and it just isn’t letting me update it. I can update all the rest and reset other connections, just not the scout I am a merit badge counselor to. Sending email to Stephen.

@MarkCash - I wanted to let you know that I am waiting on another user to respond to a share request so give me a few if that is ok,

Thank you for helping! I can wait a few.

I really think this is a bug where setting myself as his merit badge counselor removed me from having full control

umm…hurricane is approaching and I need to get other things done that are more pressing. I’ll come back to this later.

Try this:

  1. Go to your Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Troop Admin position.
  4. Click Update.

See if this resets your connection to this Scout.

@MarkCash sent you a direct message you will see it at Avatar - top right

this reset my connection. Thank you very much!

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