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Hi all,

It seems that I’m unable to edit my profile to add my Vigil Honor membership, edit my profile photo, or change my profile description, because it takes me to Internet Advancement, which I do not have access to since I’m not a Youth, Parent, or Key 3. Is there any way to update this information?

I’d also like to know how to edit my profile photo.

I suspect OA honors are not currently tracked in my Scouting tools and databases.

What is your current BSA® registered position?

Order of the Arrow has their own website at https://oa-bsa.org/

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The profile information accessed via IA2/Scoutbook does show this information when entered. I just verified I can see my own data through Edit profile at Scoutbook (which now forwards to the IA2 interface).

It’s not clear why a registered scouter can’t access their own profile. I agree it seems like a bug.


I think my question got confused with someone else’s. I had asked how my troop’s parents can invite their Scouts to join Scout Book. There used to be an “invite” button under the “Edit profile”, but now that link takes them to Internet Advancement.

Thank you for your help!

Michelle, Troop 153

There was a response in your original thread., @MichelleBlake. Did that not work for the parent?

They are – OA honor is displayed in the upper right of the profile as a sash and logo

I used to be able to update the profile and related stuff within Scoutbook.

I think you should be able to edit the profile, but as a work-around, one of your Unit Key 3 should be able to edit it, I believe.

I am a Key 3, as well as a parent, and the pencil icon is missing from all of the scouts in my pack. Clicking on either an existing photo (to update) or a missing photo (for different scouts) does nothing.
This definitely seems like a bug that needs to be fixed.

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