Scoutbook quick edit overriding dates

When using the quick edit feature for merit badges or rank advancement it appears there’s a bug in the system that it overrides any existing dates. A lot of times when working with multiple scouts on rank or merit badges. It is helpful to use the quick edit feature when several scouts accomplish a requirement at the same time. This has not been a problem until recently. Several boys attended a camping trip in which they worked on several requirements for both the camping merit badge and a rank requirement. A lot of times when you’re working with a group of scouts and they have accomplished a task or a requirement it is much easier to use the quick edit function to put the date they completed the task. In the past if the scout had already completed the requirement it would leave the original date in as the requirement completed date . Yesterdays quick entry for several requirements overrode the initial date on some of the Scouts and put in the recent date it was accomplished.

While I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s not a huge problem but those dates they were accomplished were the dates that should’ve remained on the virtual blue card. The mass edit completely changed several Camping requirements to have the completed date of March 19, 2022 when several of the scouts had completed requirements earlier. I don’t know what has changed but something has. Could this be corrected?

This has been reported @JDeMeritt

Donovan, reported based on my reporting or earlier? I couldn’t find any recent problem entries on the quick edit functionality, thanks.

no there was a recent change to QE system over a date issue and I think this was introduced - it was reported after I verified issue from your post - thanks

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Ok, thanks for the clarification. I tried to see if it was reported prior to submitting.

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