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Scoutbook reminders showing the wrong time

Is there an answer to the issue with the reminders from Scoutbook showing the incorrect time? I see that this topic has been raised several times, but I can’t find a solution. We are also experiencing the issue with Transatlantic Council Pack 10 in the Central European Timezone (GMT +2). Help would be appreciated!

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There is not, IIRC, a user-side fix to this in all cases. Sometimes, there is a back-end issue that has the time zone incorrectly set. SUAC may be able to help on a case-by-case basis if the recommended self-help (verifying ZIP code, etc) doesn’t resolve itself. There’s a more recent discussion here (Reminder Email Showing Wrong Start time) that may get you pointed in the right direction.

We’ve asked the developers to add something to the UI to allow units to set it for themselves. In the meantime, when you are on your unit page, look at the url. What number comes after “unitID=“?

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If they don’t want to open it to all units, can the Council admins be given that tool? I would prefer that they be given more tools in general to offset having to go back to the dev team for simple fixes like this in any case.

I don’t think it’s an issue of “not wanting to open it to all units”. It’s more likely a bug that’s really intermittent, which makes it tough to fix…

And you’re assuming that there is a tool that Council admins can easily use, and this isn’t something where one of the devs is going in and making some manual fix to a database record.

Hello Jacob,

Thank you for looking into our issue. I hope this is what you need UnitID=83854.



Yes, that’s it. I’ve passed your info along to the developers.

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