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Reminder sent out with wrong time. It is not adjusting to DST

I had a reminder get sent out today that was not adjusted for DST. Event in scoutbook says 7pm. Reminder says 8:00. We had to send out a correction through other communication avenues.


Will this be fixed before DST changes again in the spring?

I would check to see that the time zone for your unit is set correctly in Scoutbook under My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Units -> Edit Unit. I agree that it should be auto-adjusting for DST/ST changes without user intervention. I’m just wondering if the time zone flag has gotten tweaked somehow.

This setting was previously not unit admin correctable, but the interface was rolled out a month or two ago (I think) to try to address the proliferation of issues with time zone errors.


Is the event for a date after DST resumes or one now during standard time?

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We’re having the same issue. Our calendar items were entered after November 1, and our time zone is accurate (Eastern) under Edit Unit. Everything is correct on the Desktop version of Scoutbook, but when the reminder is sent, Scoutbook was changing the event times to 1 hour later while listing the proper time zone.

We just did a test with a new event, and while the reminder email has the correct time, it says that it’s in a different time zone (central).

And while the desktop version shows the correct time and time zone, the app shows 1 hour ahead (no time zone listed).

This only started happening in the last two months, when the new website was rolling out. What can we do to fix this?

This event was last night and added earlier in the week.

A Unit Admin should go to Edit Troop/Pack/Crew/Ship and make sure the Time Zone is set correctly. This setting controls the time displayed in reminder e-mails.

As I mentioned before, our Time Zone IS set correctly under Edit Pack.

While we have been able to get the proper time listed in the reminder emails, it does list the wrong Time Zone. Which doesn’t make any sense.

And it sets everything 1 hour ahead in the Scouting App.

I would be happy to include screen shots, if that helps further explain our issue. Let me know.

It is. It is eastern. There is no option to select edst. Or just daylight savings time. There are other posts indicating the Programers need to fix the unit. That is why I included the unit number from the url.

As an FYI I am an admin.

All of the posts about developers changing it are from before the option was added to the edit pack/troop/crew/ship page.

What state are you in? Is it possible that the person who created the event was in or near a different timezone when they created the event?

Is there more than one unit invited to the event or possibly even a single den/patrol from another unit?

I created the event in Grand Rapids mi. I know the event said 7pm but the reminder said 8. There appears to be a bug with dst. I know my settings are correct unless something is hidden.


Can you post the UnitID from the URL when you click on the unit?

@JoelYoung Is the device you created it from set to set the TZ of the device automatically? Is the device set to Eastern Time (New York).

I’d think Grand Rapids is far enough from the Central Timezone that your device wouldn’t be confused by that. I’m in Ohio, and it’s working properly for me. So, the root cause isn’t clear. Ed has passed your info onto the developers, also, to see if there’s anything specific on the backend.

I worked with jacobfetzer a couple of months ago to try to fix this for our pack, but it is still doing it. Seeing the amount of different posts about the time problem, there has to be something wrong in the coding causing this, and not the time zone selection option on the unit admin level screen. Hopefully this can be put up higher on the list for the developers as the software is sending out the wrong times to units nationwide.

Thank you for confirming. I think some jump to the conclusion that the problem is between the seat cushion and the keyboard when many users are very competent in troubleshooting and trying to exhaust options that might be self inflicted. I posted after reviewing my configuration and see other posts that asked for the unit number so that the developers could look into it.

I too believe there is a bug or a very deeply hidden user option to recognize DST.

@DanCurley Thanks for reporting this. You’re the first one I’ve heard of that that didn’t work for. Did it work initially and then revert at some point? Is the edit pack/troop page showing the right TZ (even without any interaction on your part). Could you provide your Scoutbook UnitId number again?

@JoelYoung It’s not so much that we assume the problem is user error, but we do have to eliminate that possibility. There are also other variables in play that could be causing the issue. The more we know, the more likely the developers can find the issue and fix it quickly.

Related/Similar issue, but not exactly the same: I’m an experienced Scoutbook user. I must have created 100 events for our Troop in Scoutbook thus far…almost all containing an auto-reminder message. I’m looking at one scheduled for tonight at 8PM (it’s now 9PM) and the auto reminder (scheduled to be sent 2 hours ahead of the meeting) has not been sent. Even Scoutbook “admits” that the reminder has yet to be sent…I see it still “in queue” in the calendar. I created this meeting a day ahead of time, so certainly the auto reminder should have triggered at 6PM today. Thoughts?

@jacobfetzer It was still giving reminders an hour off after we thought it was corrected in the week or so after. I just did another test event and the reminder did send out the correct times, but oddly enough, it said the time zone was “Central Time” after the digits - sent to an iPhone, Gmail and work email account. We are in Eastern time zone and that is confirmed in the Edit Pack page. I guess as long as the times are right now, I’m not too worried about the TZ listed per se.


Thanks for you help!

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@DanCurley For the event that has the wrong TZ in the email, could you check the URL of that event for an eventID? Thanks.

Our situation is similar but opposite. Events that were entered in the calendar, since DST in October show times one hour earlier (we are in Eastern UTC-5:00 Indiana East). Our troop meetings are at 7:00 but show in the calendar as 6:00, but email reminders and calendar subscription correctly show the time as 7:00.

@RobertMeacham, I’m guessing you have already edited your time zone to the East (Indiana) variant? It’s under Troop -> Edit Troop