Scoutbook Roster Edit Profile

When I access the unit roster and select a scout, I click on Edit Profile. Rather than bringing up the scout’s profile, the system goes to Internet Advancement. Is this a known issue?

It’s a change to where the profile information is stored. It was referenced in the Scoutbook Change Log here:

I’ve found that subscribing to the change logs for IA2 and Scoutbook has been very useful for keeping track of changers as they get implemented, even if I end up having to go back and read about them later.

Just to clarify, the profile data is still stored in the Scoutbook DB. This is a change to the user interface so that the data can be simultaneously written to the Scoutbook DB and Akela DB.

Thanks for the assist. I see where I need to go now.


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Ah. Thanks for that, @edavignon. I had obviously misunderstood where the data was actually being stored.

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