Strange issue when moving a scout to a different Patrol (membership ended)

Our Troop had to make some patrol changes and there fore some Patrol names needed to be edited and scouts moved from one patrol to another.

One scout who moved patrols disappeared from our roster and for some reason his membership with the troop ended when this move happened. I called the parent and walked them thru changing the membership on a past membership to remove the end date in scoutbook. The scout retruned to the roster. I thought I was in the clear but unsure how that could happen. I checked today and that same scout is gone again. In the mean time our Committee chair tried to add him back but didn’t do it correctly so we have this second scout with his name but no rank or bsa # tied to them.

Any one have any suggestions on how to fix this. Scout is still in our my scouting roster so its just appears to be a Scoutbook thing.


Edit: called the parent again and he is unable to change the date again and the membership ended on 11/18 and the notes says “DateEnded by SP ExpireinvalidYouthUPscreatedinSB 60 Day Lapse”

@JohnHopkins If the Scout has initials A.M., then I have merged his Scoutbook accounts and requested a position sync. He should be back in his patrol.

A leader will need to check his Scout 's Leadership page in Scoutbook, because it looks like his leadership position was ended. A leader should be able to click on his past leadership position, remove the Date Ended, make sure the box is checked next to “Position Approved”, and then click “Update” to save. Repeat as needed.

I would recommend having a leader double-check the Scout’s date of birth, because it was different between the 2 Scoutbook accounts.

Best / recommended way to change patrols:
If you want to change patrol names while keeping the history, you can create a new patrol with the new patrol name, go to the new patrol page in Scoutbook, and then move the Scouts into the new patrol by clicking on the “Reassign Scout(s)” button.

Thanks he is back and I will work on his troop guide leadership role to remove that end date.

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