Scoutbook RSVP (Maybe -Yellow)

When will Scoutbook have an option to select and highlight RSVP Maybe. I would suggest the color Yellow. Green go, Yes. Red, no. Maybe, Yellow. It would be helpful for us to know if a scout is interested, but yet can’t commit. Does anyone else agree with me?

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How do you plan for a maybe? The question mark sort of already sets them to a maybe. Would your parents / scouts be committed enough to go in twice - once to set maybe and then to set it yes/no?

To me: go or go not, there is no maybe.

I believe there are color-blind users of Scoutbook. So, the use of color to indicate conditions needs to also have non-color dependent indicators.


A “maybe” option is very helpful and is different from no answer at all. It communicates that the scout and family have reviewed the activity and are a possible participant. Our unit also asks for the background regarding the “maybe” in case the scout family has a question or needs more information the unit can provide and hopefully convert the “maybe” to a “yes.”

Could something like this be worked within the existing calendar functionality by asking the parent/scout to comment on the event? The event creator in Scoutbook (i.e. the person who added it to the calendar) gets an email notice of all comments on that event. That might provide more rapid feedback to the organizers that someone has a question, rather than having to search/report on the maybes, then reach out to each person individually?

I’ve agitated for a “viewed maybe” status before, and I can see some benefits. Realistically, however, since the calendar is being overhauled when it (eventually) moves to the IA2 interface, I’m not sure how much modification is going to get done “around the edges” between now and then. I’m wondering if there’s a “good enough” solution in the interim, wherein an existing feature (like the comment section) could be used to collect the “intentional maybes” as they occur, and the relevant scout/scouter can reach out to them to work the conversion from indefinite to definite (i.e. to yes or no). It can largely fill the same needs outlined by the OP (i.e. identifying how many people are “considering” attending/participating), while also filling the needs you outlined (a mechanism for the potential attendees to notify the organizers if they need more information to decide, or are just not sure yet).

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