Uploads into Scoutbook and IA in 2022 from third parties

My council just sent out a message to all commissioners with the following comment:

[T]hird-party programs will not be able to upload data after January 1, 2022. If your units try to upload data from anything other than Scoutbook after that date they’ll get an error message.

I am posting this in both the Scoutbook and IA forums. Is that change only for Scoutbook or is IA restricting uploads as well starting in 2022?

The SUAC has not heard this and is investigating. Please stand by.

SUAC has confirmed - there are no plans for this


As a side note: Scoutbook and IA store data in the same database. I suspect IA may still be being used to upload advancement data from 3rd party software for users of Scoutbook.