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Scoutbook - scout master assigned project

How do I add a scout master assigned project to leadership list?

You mark the requirement complete and possibly add a note saying what the project was.

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What if it isn’t for rank advancement? We are a new troop. All the scouts are no rank. The girls just want to help and I would like it to go on their record. For example. One girl is going to organize the 5 mile hike and teach basic map and compass. I already have a girl as instructor who will teach at every meeting. I don’t want to give the first girl instructor also but I want her record to reflect the extra work and leadership participation.

We actually have multiple instructors in our troop, each with a separate “specialty” (first aid, navigation, tools,…). In fact, we currently have multiple instructors for a couple of disciplines that require more hands to teach.

If it’s not going to be a “regular” teaching gig, though, I might record it as a note in the scout’s advancement log under the rank currently being pursued.

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Perhaps the Outdoor Ethics Guide position is a good fit?

Thank you - I like the idea of a note in the current rank! What a great idea.
Thank you

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