Mark rank requirements for service hours based on log entries

We enter scouting events into the log system but it doesn’t automatically sign off rank requirements in the process. You have to print a report and then manually cross-check to sign off rank items.

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Between Ranks, Awards and Merit Badges - there are so many combinations it has been decided that this is not possible to get right without human interaction.


Also, in the Scouts BSA program, there is more to the requirements than just participating in the service hours. Most of the rank requirements also have “Explain” or “Tell” that is part of the requirements. And for First Class rank, the service project(s) cannot be the same service project(s) that were used for Tenderfoot or Second Class rank.

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@GlennSimmonds - I would gather that perhaps you may have been a troopmaster user as that is how they have things programmed. I personally am against that lockstep method as it detracts from what Jen has noted. There are many aspects of advancement that seek to have personal interaction.

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