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Scoutbook showing wrong times

I’m having an issue with the times that are showing for calendar events for my pack. We are all in Michigan and my co-leader and I both tried adding events into the system. We are both in the same pack, we both have full admin rights, I am the committee chairman of the pack, we are both in Michigan. Both of our computers are set to Eastern Standard time (US & Canada), and we have both checked scoutbook under edit pack to make sure the pack account on scoutbook is showing as (UTC-05:00) Eastern time (US & Canada). All of that is correct.

When I entered our February pack meeting onto the calendar as 7:00-8:00 pm, it shows as 7:00-8:00 to Doni but 8:00-9:00 pm on my computer. We are accessing the exact same pack and can’t find any settings in either laptop, as far as the time zone, that are different. Both are set to Eastern Time, both have (now) the automatic update turned off as we saw suggested in other posts on this site.

WHY?? Please help!

This shows our pack is set to the right time zone.

Screenshot 2021-01-20 214140
My computer is set to the same time zone and the automatic detect options are off

We both entered our committee meeting for 2/2 from 7-8 pm. This shows me entering the correct times.

Screenshot 2021-01-20 213832
Shows an hour later in my calendar. Which is NOT the correct time.

Screenshot 2021-01-20 214426
Shows correctly on my leaders computer. Same event, same entry. Two different times showing for two different people.

There is a known bug with reading certain time zones from certain bugs. We hope to have a fix soon. My guess is the person who set up the event that shows as 8pm for you actually has it set to “Detroit”. In the meantime, have them set it to “New York” and log out and back in.

I’m confused. There is no option that says Detroit or New York. Both my computer and my scoutbook are set to (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). And my computer is the one showing the time wrong and I entered most of the events into the calendar.

Where are you saying to try and set it to New York?

I only get those options in my phone. I think the issue is on the other person’s device, who entered it, though.

I entered it. When I enter it as 7 pm, my co-leader’s system shows it as 6 pm. When she enters a meeting for 7 pm, it shows as 7 pm for her but 8 pm on my computer.

how do we fix this? I can’t go to every single leader in our pack and see what time their computer shows it as LOL.

Anyone have a temporary fix? Or a hack that works for this?

The issue is definitely that scoutbook thinks the other leader’s device is on central time. The only temporary fix is for that leader to explicitly tell their device what timezone they are in as I said above. If they aren’t able to do that, do not let them enter events, because the reminder emails will have the wrong time too. The developers are working on a fix for scoutbook to properly pick up the right timezone.

For more background. Scoutbook displays events based on the timezone settings of the device that is displaying it. So, there is no way to override it aside from explicitly telling the device the timezone.

You could put the time in the description of the event.

How long have the developers been working on this fix? When are results supposed to come out?

We can’t use the calendar feature if I don’t know which people are going to see the correct time and which ones won’t. And putting it in the description will confuse people if the time in the title says one thing but the description says another. I don’t want to answer the same question over and over for every event. :frowning:

Scoutbook could be great if it worked! And I feel like scoutbook has been around a long time now, I can’t believe the developers have had this issue all these years and still haven’t fixed that?

When Scoutbook first came out, it didn’t support timezones at all. Timezone support has only been around for a year or two if I recall.

Since the majority of people in your unit probably don’t log into Scoutbook to check the calendar, the most important thing is making sure that it’s created by someone who is properly being recognized as eastern time and that your edit unit page also has eastern time. Then, the reminder emails will have the right times.

I agree that the workarounds aren’t great. But that’s what we have until the fix is deployed. It is actively being worked on.

I’m the only leader at the moment willing to take the time to try and add the events into the calendar. So I’m the only one that is going to enter them. I’m the one that is showing the wrong time on the calendar.

And if I enter the events as 8 pm so that they will show as 7pm for the people that are showing the correct time zone, I don’t know what the emails will say or if they will say the same thing to the same people.

Don’t think it’s a risk I want to take.

Even at a year, possibly 2, that’s too long to be waiting for a fix on this? Can’t they simply turn off the time zone feature then since it so clearly doesn’t work.

Is there a way for my pack to disable that feature?

I was reading what you said above as the other leader entered it as 7 and it showed up on your device as 8. Did I misunderstand?

We have had this issue for several months also. All of our leaders are in the eastern time zone (Indianapolis area) and my devices are set up correctly and the pack is marked as Eastern Time Zone.
The first reminder usually comes out marked as Central time. The second reminder will come out labeled Eastern time or Central but if Eastern it will adjust the time in the reminder by 1 hour so we have had members show up late.

Den meeting scheduled for 630-730 pm eastern. When you open the calendar entry in Scoutbook it is labeled correctly. The first reminder came out with this text:

Calendar: Pack 130 Webelos Den 11 - Flaming Gremlins
Event: Den 11 Jan Den Meeting #1
Where: Zoom
When: Jan 20, 2021 7:30pm-8:30pm (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

So the reminder engine thought it was central and adjusted it to Eastern for the reminder only even though I, my computer, and Scoutbook are all set up correctly.

There definitely seems to be an issue in the timezone code as this is presenting in both the calendar display and as text that is embedded in reminder emails. That text should have no interaction with timezones on a user device. It seems like it would be all interpreted by the server code and passed through as text to the messager.

I reported this in Dec as well:

The developers seem to have identified the issue. I’m hopeful we’ll see a fix soon.

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