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Timezone reset request

Hello - could we have the time zone for Pack 180 - Michigan Crossroads Council - Chief Okemos District set to UTC-0500/US Eastern Time Zone in the database please. We’re getting tripped up with the ‘time zone set by device’ issue - I suspect the problem is that the entering system is on a Mac and has a non-standard (i.e., Detroit) time zone.

Meantime, I’ll go back in and re-enter the events using a PC with a known good time zone setting. Thanks for your help!


A unit admin can go to Edit Pack and set your Timezone.

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No - this is a request to flip the bits inside the database. We have it set to Eastern time in the interface, and some of our leaders who are creating events are having them show up as if they are Central time because there’s something about their individual device having an unexpected time zone setting that isn’t recognized by the system.

An out-of-band discussion with @jacobfetzer and others suggested that I could make a request here to get something changed at the database level, so here I am :slight_smile:

The edit unit page is supposed to do the same thing that would be done by manually changing things. Scoutbook is always going to read the timezone of the device to determine how to display it. I apologize if I gave you an impression otherwise.

I’m hopeful the fix to the bug for reading MI and IN for certain devices is coming soon.

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