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Calendar Time Zone

Big problem with having scouts show up at a meeting an hour early because instead of notifications having the time we entered, they go out with times adjusted to central timezone.

I searched and it seems this is a known bug that hasn’t been fixed that I can find. Any ideas?

It was fixed last week. But there was no way to fix previously entered events. That said, have you checked the time zone displayed in your edit pack/troop page? What time zone are you in?

It still does not work correctly. I just added a new event at 5pm MST and it came across in the RSVP email as 4pm

In the reminder email, does it list the timezone?

it says
" Calendar: Pack 4028 Wolf Den 1
Event: dern
When: Feb 2, 2021, 5pm - 6pm (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)"

it needs to be in the correct time zone, NOT Central Time.

Go to your edit pack page in scoutbook. What timezone does it say there?


When you are on your pack page, look at the URL in the browser, what’s the number after UnitID= ?


I’m checking with the developers on what they see on their end.

Did you just set it to Mountain on the edit pack page today? Or was it already mountain? The developers confirmed that it says mountain in the database. So, I’m still searching for clues.

Ok, I’m seeing different behavior between the send now and the scheduled reminders. The send now seems to be stuck somehow on Eastern for me (where I actually am), but the scheduled reminders work with the timezone in edit pack. Can you try a 1 hour reminder and report back?

its been at Mountain time, I didn’t change it. I’ll try a one hour reminder and let you know in a few minutes

I’ll bump the time up more I guess since it didn’t send…


it changed the time again from the event in the email

Ok, so the good news is that Scoutbook is recognizing your unit’s TZ for the emails. The bad news is that it things you are entering them from somewhere in the central time zone. Where are you actually located? What does your device time zone say?

I am near Dickinson, North Dakota. We are in the Mountain TZ, which is what all my devices say

Specifically for the device that you pull that event up with a 1pm time, does it say “Mountain” or list a city? Is it set to automatically detect the time zone?

google calendar

home computer

Both show the 1:00 event as being at 1:00?

Sorry about all the questions. I’m trying to get at the root cause to know what to tell the developers.