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Scoutbook Calendar TZ Issues

I’m in Indiana on Eastern Time Zone. I’ve been using Scoutbook events and reminders for several years, and am suddenly having a problem where reminder emails change time zones. For example, a 6-7 pm den meeting reminder goes out, but the email now says the time is 7-8. I’m having the same problem with a boy scout troop I manage as well.

Going to “edit pack” and “edit troop”, both are set to the correct time zone.

I know people have seen variations of this problem, but has it been fixed or is there a fix out there?

Meant to add that it’s not just the reminder email - the times in the event themselves are being changed. I know, 100000%, I did not enter this meeting time for 7 to 8. But that’s what it says in Scoutbook now.

With the troop, I entered a bunch of events. The first email had the wrong time, and I assumed I’d made a mistake. I fixed the times for several events, saved them, and the very next day - all the times had changed.


This is from last night’s change log:

An issue that caused scoutbook to not recognize the proper timezone of certain devices when set to certain cities (IE Detroit, Indianapolis) has been fixed. Events that were previously entered may need to have their starting and ending times adjusted.

Expanding on Ed’s comment, for the events you had entered prior to yesterday, Scoutbook thought you entered it is 6pm CT because it was reading your device as central time. When it started reading your device correctly, it’s now showing them as 7pm ET.

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