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Scoutbook Unsubscribe Issue

I have an issue with the unsubscribe link in Scoutbook emails. When I receive an email from Scoutbook with the unsubscribe link in it, the link appears to always be tied to my account. So the problem is if I forward the email to someone else with the unsubscribe link still in it and they click the unsubscribe link, I’m the one that gets unsubscribed.

When the link is clicked, there is no confirmation such as “Are you sure you want to unsubscribe the email address johndoe@scouting.org?” It simply returns a web page that says Unsubscribe Successful but does not indicate who was unsubscribed.

It seems to me that some sort of confirmation of the intended action should be validated by the person unsubscribing. Possibly requiring the unsubscriber to enter the email address that is associated with the unsubscribe link.

Additionally, the system does not appear to send a confirmation email to the address that is being unsubscribed. I feel this should be sent to inform the person they have been unsubscribed and provide them with directions to resubscribe if this was not done intentionally.

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