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I am looking to have a better understanding of the unsubscribe function.

We have a family that has moved, but not yet joined a new unit. They asked to be removed from our mailings, but since there are multiple people sending emails, there is no way to ensure we leave them off.

If they unsubscribe, are they unsubscribing from all Scoutbook emails, or just ones generated by our unit? Basically, if they unsubscribe, when they transfer to a new unit, will they be unsubscribed there, or will they receive the new unit’s emails? I’d like to understand this before I advise them.


Yes, unsubscribing will prevent them from getting all Scoutbook emails in all units. I would suggest you uncheck the position approved box on all of their memberships and positions or even add an end date. The former would allow you to get their records still and possibly facilitate the transfer. The latter would get them copuke tell off tour scoutbook roster.

I also suggest that they edit profile to update their address and council information before submitting applications for their new unit. They should make sure all name, address, and DOB info appears exactly the same in scoutbook as the application to reduce the possibility of creating a duplicate account.


@jacobfetzer Thank you. If I uncheck the “approved” box, will they come off our roster with the daily member sync if they do a transfer without telling us? Or if they don’t transfer and get dropped at recharter?

Why do you not just put an end date to membership?

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@DonovanMcNeil I don’t want to put an end date for two reasons. I want to be able to assist the family in the transfer of their scout if requested. By putting the end date, I will no longer be able to assist them.

The bigger reason is that Scoutbook should reflect my official roster as much as possible. I am not going to remove Scouts from my Scoutbook roster if National says they still belong to me. I know that this has been discussed in the past, and it is one of the reasons that there needs to be a way to set Scouts to an “inactive” status. This would keep them on your Scoutbook roster, but show that they are no longer participating.

If they transfer and everything matches successfully, it should end their membership in your unit even if they are unapproved. Leaving them off recharter may not end their membership when they are unapproved (from what I’ve seen in the past).

@jacobfetzer Thank you. I’ll take the path of marking Scouts as “unapproved”.

It’s also worth noting that an inter council transfer will not remove them from your official unit roster since they get a new member number in the new council.

@jacobfetzer And that is exactly what happened. They transferred to a new council. I went in to Scoutbook to “unapprove” their membership and saw that they were already assigned to a new unit. I confirmed it with the family, and then ended their membership.

For sake of knowledge, this scout will remain on our roster until we recharter and don’t include them? Is there any other way to have them removed from our roster?

Under ordinary circumstances, I don’t think so. There may be a way under extreme situations involving safety. But the BSA generally thinks of it as the scouts is paid through the year. So, they should remain on the roster.

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Thank you. I’ll wrap up this thread that branched a few times.

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