Unable to award AOL but won't display which requirement is missing

I entered all of the required adventures for my AOL scouts but when I try to award the rank it tells me they are missing a requirement. Is it because I’m trying to add the rank on the same day as the adventures or something else?

@NicholasWigant - could you post the exact steps you are using ?

I highlight the three scouts needing the rank from the roster and enter Record Advancement.
I choose todays date and the rank drop down which then allows me to select Arrow of Light.
When I select Arrow of Light is pops up on the right above their names and says for each of them that they “Must first earn .” Doesn’t tell me what they need to earn.

@NicholasWigant - could you try at scoutbook.scouting.org as it seems like you are in advancements.scouting.org

That’s where it takes me when I click on Internet Advancement from the scoutbook page…

@NicholasWigant - just stay in scoutbook please and see what the record shows there for the scouts

I’ve never used that for advancement before. Is that new? When I try to login it keeps taking me to the other site.

Ok. I got in. It also shows that they have earned the necessary badges. I don’t know how to award from this side though.

@NicholasWigant - follow the video instructions

I see what they are missing now. So do I enter them in the same place I did before or through scoutbook?

@NicholasWigant - you can work either way same database

Manual entry is better done through Scoutbook.

I figured it out. I’ve never had to go into scoutbook to approve all of those other items before. Once I did that it all worked.

Actually, the Scoutbook interface predates the current IA2 interface. Among other things, it allows more finely granular tracking of in-progress advancement and awards than is currently possible in the IA2 interface.

@NicholasWigant what was missing causing the failure?

It was missing the cyber chip and other parent driven items. I’ve never had to fill those out before though. It was odd.

@NicholasWigant what other parent driven?

@DonovanMcNeil - oh i think that is the barriers to abuse at the front of the handbook

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