Accessing Unit Member Awards by Unit Training Chair


Before all of this changing and integration, as Training Chair, I was able to input awards received (except my own) and see all awards for each individual whether it was a youth or adult. Why am I unable to at least see them now? Or, is there a way that I am not aware of? No one on the council level has been able to answer this question.

Thank you

Scoutbook doesn’t track adult awards. Never did support that.
You need edit advancement privileges in SB to enter youth awards. You can ask your Scoutbook unit admin to give those to you via connection manager in the unit menu.

Ok. did but doesn’t any longer. So, I assumed with the integration, it would be placed with scoutbook. Our inductions chair has the log in info to do youth. I guess what I am trying to find out is when wishing to nominate an adult for an award like the Silver Beaver Award, how we are supposed to know if they have received it or not without directly asking (which we are not supposed to do) and they don’t have the knot on their uniform. I guess I will have to keep asking around.


Your council registrar should be able to give you a report showing all the adult awards that are recorded for the adult.

Ok. We apparently don’t officially have a council registrar and the two personnel I have talked to so far have no idea what I am talking about. I will check with the Scout Executive to see what he says.

Thank you

You will really never know - a Silver Buffalo I know only has the Buff entered, not beaver or antelope - and tons of others

@C_SuzannePlenkers If you have access to the Roster at my.scouting, then you might be able to view awards:

  1. Check the box next to the person’s name
  2. Click on “Print” → “Unit Advancement Details”
  3. Scroll down to the Awards section.

@C_SuzannePlenkers I do not see you as Unit Training Chair or as a Key 3 Delegate at my.scouting.

You will need to ask one of your troop’s Key 3 or another Key 3 Delegate to add your functional role(s) back.

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