Scouting App will complete rank for my Boy Scout

@ScottRunnels OK - make sure you have latest version of App and try again. Would be Very good if you know how to make a video of your screen at same time.

@ScottRunnels if you do not know how to make video I can help you find out how

It now appears to be fixed!! Thank you so much. I am not sure what was done, but it is nice to see that I can use the app again. I just opened the app, Clicked through all the ranks and none of them went to 100% this time.

I want to say that I most definitely appreciate all you and the help you provided. I am a new scout parent, but an Eagle myself. I had very little expectations on finding a solution to my problem when I first posted. Yet you all blew me away with your willingness to help. Thank you @DonovanMcNeil for your time. Let me know if there is anything else you need from me.

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