Scouting App will complete rank for my Boy Scout

I was told today that I was completing ranks for my Boys Scout. I was somewhat confused by this because I only use the scouting app on my android phone. One of the leaders cleared out the 100% date of June 19th. I showed him the app I was using and we both watched what it did. When I open the app click on my boy scouts name, then click on his rank to see what he still needs to complete. Once on that screen the app will show 54% at the top for Scout rank. Then without doing anything it will change to 100% 2 seconds later. I was told in the scoutbook website it was adding the date of completion of June 19.

This only is happening with my oldest son in boy scounts. My younger son is in cub scouts and is also in the app but it dose not do the same thing. I have deleted the cache and app data from app settings and uninstalled and reinstalled. It is still doing the same thing. after almost two hours of trying to figure this out, I was told by my troop, they had never seen the app before I must be the only one using it. I don’t believe they think it is an official app and asked me to only use the website. Is this just a bug? Maybe just my phone?


Scout BSA® member number?

I suspect the Scouting software forum moderators will need your older son’s BSA member id number (no name please).

What version of app and operating system are you using?

Are you using the latest version of the app? Google Play store description states (with a link address corrected):

Exciting things are happening in Scouting and on the app! - A login account is required and your account must either be connected to a Scout as a parent or be a youth account.

Updated on
Jul 12, 2022

“Scouting” app and “Scoutbook” website

The Scoutbook website-based tool has more features than the Scoutbook “Scouting” app for working with advancement information in the same database.

Tool References


Which rank(s) are you seeing this behavior for?

The Scouting app is indeed and official bsa app designed for parent and scout useage. If it’s not working correctly, I would recommend sticking with the website until it is corrected.

@ScottRunnels what rank did you see this on?

My scouts member ID: 137523173

Some Information, The rank dose not matter as soon as I open the rank, any rank it will go to 100%
Version of app is 2.5.8
Issues first reported on Android OS 12
Current OS, Android OS 13 Beta (I know, but it happened first on OS 12 and someone has to test it right?)
Also tonight I tested it on my old iPhone 6s OS 14.7.1 Scouting App version and to my surprise it also dose the same thing. Completes the rank to 100%

On both devices the date completed is always 6/19/2022

Not sure if images a allowed but I will upload the fallowing.

Well do not believe the % it is always messed up.

Thelbert approved all of the Scout requirements on 07/06/22 - someone marked all complete 6/19/22 .? At least that is what the Database says

@ScottRunnels do you have time for a quick screenshare to see scoutbook?

Scout and Tenderfoot

I only recorded what was earned at Summer Camp. This scout attended Brown Sea Island program. In each case only part of the rank was earned.
Mr. McNeil, it appeared you are dead set on the fact that we are doing something wrong. I would suggest you change your attitude and at least test the system.
If you disagree with this then please refer us to your supervisor.
Thelbert Overstreet

@ThelbertOverstreet I suggest you trust what I am seeing. I THINK and it is being investigated - there are hanging approvals and completions with no dates. You can see your UserID as the one that entered the approval

Tenderfoot is Identical - but BOR is totally blank


Donovan is a VOLUNTEER giving up HIS time to help you. The only paid support for Scoutbook is via your Council staff. You are free to contact your council but in our experience, they will not be able to help with the problem you are seeing.

That is because they are partials and not yet earned. Somehow the date where the leader approved and the date completed are not correct. Could you also look in ScoutBook and compare the completions vs the partials.

that is why I suggested a screenshare so I could see SB as opposed to just data. - or I could make myself an admin in unit but I prefer not to do that without unit permission

I will approve you being a admin in Scout Book . I have covered with the Committee chairman and there is not probem


I wish to respond to this comment as I see this happening a lot on this board Donovan and the rest of the SUAC team are Scouting volunteers the same as you and me. Besides giving up their time to support their local units they spend countless hours supporting their fellow scouters here on the forums to help them with their data issues. BSA national gave this resposility to the local councils 2 years ago but most of them are out of their depth. I do the tech support for my council as a volunteer and probably work more at it than most people do at a full time job. These folks are doing it for hundreds of councils with no formal recognition. We should be applauding them and if any of them are visiting my neck of the woods we are going out for a nice dinner on me.

Thank you Donovan and the rest of SUAC for all you do!!!


And by the way, I have never used the Scouting app. I always use the web based Scout Book.

I totally agree with you and applaud those that volunteer the same as I do. I am 75 years old, an eagle scout and vigil honor member and have been involved in scouting since I was 12 years old. There has been little if any praise that I have received for my efforts also.
The position taken by Donovan was that we were doing something wrong when in fact we know we have not. We were just asking for him the test and compare. Not accuse us of not knowing what we were doing. I launched ScoutBook for our troop and have been with it every minute.
If I touched a nerve please forgive me.

@ThelbertOverstreet not sure it is like the Audit data is messed up - go to unit > export > advancements - you are listed as approved for all his stuff, but not on the UX (user experience) screen.

I am sending this data in to developers.

I understand. It is just a pet peeve of mine. I get doing support in my council and have been asked to speak to my supervisor. I then tell them I will see when my wife is available


@RonFedele - you are lucky… i have three… a coonhound, a cat and a wife… i am hosed. But the let me speak to the manager or supervisor is a bit condescending