No events at all in calendar in Scouting mobile app

I am able to see troop events in the calendar when I log in to Scoutbook via the webpage, but if I use the Scouting mobile app, the calendar is completely empty. This is NOT true with my son’s account. Everything is in the calendar when using the Scouting mobile app.

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It looks like the app only displays events that you are personally invited to.

I enter all of the events in our troop’s calendar and can’t see any in the app either, even though I include myself as an invitee for RSVP purposes. Is it meant to only work for youth?

Same here. None are showing.

I just went into the scouting app and clicked on my scout then back to my account and the events for the crew, troop and pack were then presented… an odd refresh thing

I tried the same. It seems like it may want you to choose a scout to have it populate. No luck for me.

@Matt.Johnson - yah know what… i clicked on one of the units listed… and then the events populated. So on my phone i clicked on the scouting app… it listed my scout at the top, then below it listed my units wuth my position. I clicked on one of them.

I have no units listed in my case. Maybe that’s the problem?

So I was messing around and finally just gave up and logged out. It warned me that it would delete the data in my device. I went ahead and did it. Logged back in and now the calendar events are there?

So I’m good now.


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I only have my scouts listed, no units.

I logged out and back in. Still no units, but events are now showing when I click on the unit button in the Scout bubble. Odd.

I did the same and now my calendar is populated and I can RSVP for my Scout and I.

So my “fix” was temporary. Happened again so I logged out and back in, again. Seems like it’s an intermittent problem.

I was having the same issue described, and your solution works: logout of the app and then log back in.

That said, the process of logging out of the app is not clear. I had to tap Account in the lower right corner, then the Settings gear in the upper left, then find the logout button.

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