Scouting Mobile App Unit Leader is a mess - Bug report

On both the Android and iPAD version the unit leaders associated with each of my son’s is incorrect.
My two boys are indifferent Cub Scout den’s. In each the list of unit leader’s associated with kids is wrong. 1) It is not listing all the Den leaders associated with that den, 2) It has extraneous leaders (Den
leader from other dens) associated with them. Scoutbook, has the correct leaders associated with den’s.

Interestingly, it says “unit leaders”. I’m wondering if they just limited the number of leaders to display. It shows the same 8 for both of my kids in the same pack. How about you?

Yes, its the same eight leaders for me.

Seems likely that are only displaying 8 leaders, and how they determine which 8 is not ideal.

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