App crashed before opening

Hello. My red scouting app kept crashing before opening up. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Logged in. Now I see this message. (I am newly registered, have my old member number from a few years ago so that worked, and a new den leader, no scouts yet, joining in September) has anyone seen this error?


Which “app” are you referring to?

@ChristopherSchuler - the red scouting app is for scouts and their parents and NOT for den leaders or leaders period.

This one. I thought this was scoutbook. I’m trying to access the den leader experience for scoutbook. I also have the blue my.scouting app. Is that the one that has the den leader experience? Thanks.

@ChristopherSchuler - for the den leader you should be at

Ok I see. So I access that through web and not through an app?

Yes web not app based

Thank you. So as a den leader I should use the blue colored my.scouting app for my own registration and training. And use the web for scout book den leader experience.

How about when I’m checking on my own sons records? Also through web?

Should I also assume that the red app is not necessary then for me as a den leader or cub scout parent? I don’t understand why it won’t let me log on? It worked before I had my new position registration.

@ChristopherSchuler - my suspicion is the two different BSA ID. Now if your son is registered you can use the red scouting app or He will be listed under the family section of scoutbook.

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