Incorrect Leader and Pack info in mobile app

Can you tell me where the data for My Leaders and My Unit comes from? This data doesn’t match what we have in my.scouting or in Scoutbook. I’d like to update it as the committee chair.

The Scouting mobile app is only for Scouts and parents, not unit leaders.

Yes, I am both. I’m logged into the app as a parent and in viewing my son’s info I see that his unit leaders and Pack info is wrong. I’d like to correct this so that all members in our Pack see correct info.

How can the data be corrected?

I believe my units comes from their scoutbook membership. What is your scout’s bsa member number, and what unit do they show?

My leaders seems to randomly pick ten leaders within the unit, rather than the leaders who most directly work with the scout.

His member number is 135651357 and he’s in Pack 391. There is one leader showing up that we deactivated in SB about a year ago. In the unit info, there is an old website listed.

We have asked the developers about the My Leaders display.

I agree that the unit info doesn’t seem to match up with what I’d expect. My first thought was, but it doesn’t match that either.

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