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Scoutmaster does not populate when creating campout event

Edit Update I found the fix. In my profile, I went to my Scoutmaster position. It was set at default, but the “I agree to join the unit leader roster” button wasn’t checked.

I am the original unit admin and also the Scoutmaster for my troop. When I create a “Campout” event in the calendar, my Assistant SM’s populate as Invitees, but I do not. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong. I have SM set as my default position, but doesn’t seem to matter. Thanks

Are you selecting the troop calendar or all of the patrol calendars?

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Try “reapproving” your SM and admin positions by going to My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Your Name.

The “trick” is path dependent, and sometimes resets positions/permissions that have “disappeared” behind the scenes, even though they appear to still be extant.


Just attempted to create a Test Campout in Scoutbook, and it generated a list of invitees, seemingly based of a previous camping trip.

I edited and added to the invitee list and saved the event. Then created a new Test event. The original list of invitees came up. I though it might save your most recent list of invitees for the type of event, but that does not seem to be the case.

I, too, and curious about this feature :wink:

Scouter Rob

I am choosing the Troop Calendar

Tried that, created a test campout. Same result. Thanks though

When you click invitees, does your name appear on the leaders list?

Me, too. Disapproved and Reapproved several ASMs who should be automatic invitees, but to no avail.

Scouter Rob

Weird. I just tried it and can’t get it to omit our SM no matter what path I tried:

  • My Dashboard → My Units → Upcoming Events → Add Event
  • My Dashboard → Events → Upcoming Events → Add Event
  • My Dashboard → My Calendar → Add Event

I’m an ASM and unit admin. I wonder if it only “breaks” for the SM?

It does show up in the list of people to add, but not sure why it doesn’t auto-populate me like it does the Assistant SM’s

I am auto-populating as SM.

On a separate, but perhaps related note, I and one other ASM who auto-populates appear twice on the Invitee list under Leaders. The second ASM who auto-populates appears only once on the Invitee/Leader list.


Scouter Rob

@JonathanThompson1 I was able to reproduce your issue. I’m seeing lots of leaders who aren’t automatically added. I’ll reach out to the developers to see what the logic is supposed to be, and we can go from there.

@ScouterRob I see the duplicate issue, too.

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I guess the root of this is the recent re-charter process and subsequent database synchs.

This has actually been a problem for over a year, so I don’t think the recharter has any bearing

Thank you for checking on this.

We heard back from the developers. Troop calendar campouts are supposed to autopopulate with the following:
Assistant Scoutmaster
Leader of 11-year old Scouts
Patrol Admin
All scouts and their parents

We will get this bug reported.


My understanding is that “leader of 11 year old scouts” was an LDS Scout program position. As of 1 January 2020 all LDS unit charters expired and leader of 11 year old scouts is no longer an active position. I suspect it can be removed from Scoutbook,


Yes, that’s true, and I agree it can be retired at some point. I’m not sure if that should wait until all the recharters are processed or if there is some additional transition time needed for some reasons unknown to me.

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