Leaders not available in patrol events on the calendar

Why do I have to assign scoutmaster and assistant scoutmaster positions for every patrol just to make them available for patrol level calendar events? These roles should by default be available for any calendar event.

Seems like a bug. Parents can be checked, but leaders aren’t populated.

This is not a bug. This is the way the Scoutbook calendar was designed. Only folks who have a connection to the patrol can be invited to patrol events.

If an ASM is assigned to a patrol they auto-populate to patrol events

I’m sorry but how is this a solution? I am the scoutmaster of the entire Troop and my assistants are assistants to the entire Troop. I shouldn’t have to add a position to be the scoutmaster of each patrol. It may have been designed this way, but I would recommend charging it at the adult leader lever. I understand why you would do this at the scout level, but this is just added nonsense and clutters up the system. Additionally, I understand using these rules to auto populate the invitees, but you should then be allowed to go in and add anyone you like. What if our SPL or Guide wanted to attend a patrol event to work on advancement? The way it is set up they are not allowed to be invited. Poor planning in my opinion.

Changing who is able to be invited to an event is in the backlog. We do not know when it will be scheduled for implementation.

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