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No leaders populate when creating Troop Campout event

When I create a Campout event on Scoutbook for the Troop I am the Scoutmaster (and Troop Admin) for, I get 2 ASMs in the Invitees list. They both had ASM for one of the Patrols, in addition to the ASM for the Troop.

When I removed the role for the Patrol, now I get NO leaders in the Campout list. I have tried the workarounds in the thread above to no avail. In fact, because I removed the roles for one of the ASMs, they have disappeared from the roster… and not sure how to bring them back! :open_mouth:

When I click on the Invitee button, I can select the leaders - but that adds extra steps in a pretty cumbersome UI as I try to add the calendar for the troop year after the annual planning meeting… :cry:

Is the event a troop event or a patrol event? Patrols only list patrol-level leaders (e.g. assigned ASMs and admins) in the invitee list.

Troop event:

Bummer. I see the same issue. Some of our ASMs appear to be automatically added, some do not. Some of our committee members are also appearing, but others are not. I’m not seeing a pattern, though. It’s not just the ASMs and/or committee members assigned to patrols.

None show for me not sure on the logic of it - but honestly how most troops function you never know what adults are going on what campout as long as you are camping monthly

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In my case, it was selecting ASMs for a patrol which no longer exists (and the ASMs are also Troop ASMs…) When I removed the ASM for the patrol role for those two leaders it now does not bring ANY leaders in by default for campout.

We do camp monthly, and we have a reasonably reliable core of leaders who attend most campouts - and are also good about RSVPing to the event.

With that said, I have to go through the list and pick leaders because I do not want to pick committee members… so it is quite a pain - and the picker UI is clunky, does not respond well to using keyboard shortcuts and is buggy - e.g. sometimes I cannot scroll past leaders with last name starting with S, and I have an active leader who’s last name starts with T… So I have to save the event and use the feature assistant to add other participants…

I read in the thread that I linked that there is logic to what leaders are selected by default, but this functionality is BROKEN.

Thanks for the info! We were having the same issue.

edit to update. We tried the fix and it still doesn’t work. we are still missing 4 asst scoutmasters.

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