Creating a campout event on the Scoutbook calendar no longer includes all adult leaders in the invite feature

I just went to update our troop calendar and discovered that when the event type is set to “Campout” I can no longer invite all of the Adult Leaders. Adults registered as committee members no longer appear in the invite list, only SM/ASMs. This is unique to the Campout event type. Selecting any other event type populates the leader invite list with all registered unit leaders.

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Did you try clicking the invitees button and adding them?

@GeorgeBulgin - I just updated a camping trip and had no issue inviting committee members. I think you are looking at the default leaders that are added when the event is created. If you click on invitees you will get the scouts, parents and adult leaders.

Of course. I only see a subset of the adult leaders on our roster.

This isn’t a problem with updating an existing campout event. This is a problem creating a new campout event. Re: default leaders, none are added when I create a campout event, only scouts. I have to click on the Invitees button and add adult leaders and parents to the invite. And, when I go to invite adult leaders on our roster, I only see a handful of them.

This behavior is new within the last 30 days or so. I added a campout event at the beginning of May and had no problems inviting leaders, parents, and scouts.

@GeorgeBulgin - ok… I just added a test campout and I see that same thing you are noting on the troop side.

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I’m not seeing that behavior. Can you explain what you are seeing?

@jacobfetzer - this seems to be troop limited near as I can tell. But I start the process of a troop campout. It lists only the scouts, then click on invitees and select leaders and out of the 20 registered I get 6. The 6 listed are Myself as CC, The Adv Chair, the SM, and some other ASM’s. I did not actually go to complete the event as it was doing with was noted by the OP.

  1. Log in to Scoutbook, click on my unit, click on Upcoming Events to get to the calendar
  2. Navigate to a month. Click on a day to start a new event
  3. Enter the following data:
    a) Calendar: select the main unit calendar
    b) Event Type: Campout
    c) Name: Enter campout name
    d) Location - Enter location, address, etc.
    e) Start: Enter date and time
    f) End: Enter date and time
  4. Click Invitees
  5. Select “Leaders” on left-hand side. Only 9 names appear in the right-side list (out of 28 registered adults).
  6. Change Event Type to “Troop Meeting” (or anything other than Campout)
  7. Click Invitees
  8. Select “Leaders” on left-hand side. Names of all registered adults appear in the right-side list.
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Addendum: If I save the event and then edit it, I am able to invite the remaining registered adults.

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That’s what I did too, but I didn’t I didn’t immediately identify anyone missing as I was thinking it’d be the whole committee or something like that. I see the issue now.

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