Scout's Activity History Broken


Could someone please look at the profile for Scout BSA ID 134930771. As UAdvChair, when I run his activity report in IA2 with date range set as far back as 2015 it returns only data for this Scout newer than Summer of 2020. I can affirm there is missing data because I have an activity report for this Scout with data going back to 2018.

We had an issue in Jan 21 with this Scout’s profile, see previous Forum discussions below. And I also submitted this issue in Oct 21 with no response or resolution.

Please help,
Charles Collings

I see activity data from 2017 to 12/2021. What options are you using when you run the activities report?

You might also look at the date joined scouts bsa under edit profile in case that’s an option you are using.

Have tried options in multiple conditions with starting dates back to 2015 and as late 2019
Scout’s profile reflects joining date of 2017. Have used both options
No matter what I select for options, the report only returns data as far back as Sept 2020.

At the risk of asking a possibly dumb question, is the activity report you have showing 2018 data for the scout from Scoutbook/IA, or from another tracking package? The other way to check it is to pull the legacy logs from My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Export/Backup → Legacy Camping, Hiking…

If the information is missing from the legacy logs, it was likely never in Scoutbook prior to the “handover” to IA2. If it’s there, then it may have somehow been missed. I know that occurred in some cases, which is what motivated the link to the legacy logs for export.


Reasonable question. Our troop converted from TroopMaster to Scoutbook in 2019, manually migrating the Scouts records. I have a printed activity report for this particular Scout, concurrent with his BoR, dated Oct 28 2020, which includes events up to Sep 2020 – which I think is after the Activities moved to IA2 and thus is printed from IA2 (before they re-formatted the reports). I also have backup exports from late 2020 that include the Scouts history from Scoutbook.
However, when running the reports in IA2 the older data doesn’t show.
It’s as if when his profile was corrected in early 2021 it was somehow disconnected from an older ID#.


What options are you selecting in the IA2
Report? One option is to only show dates back to the Date Joined Scouts BSA. Is the date Joined set properly in the Scout’s profile?

@edavignon Ed, the scouts join date is set to 11/1/17. Have tried both the all dates option and the since joining BSA option. Same results either way.

Can you post a screenshot of the selections you are using (without displaying the scout’s name)?

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@jacobfetzer et al.
As mentioned in the linked post below. We have a Scout (BSA ID# 134930771) for whom SB/IA2 is not reporting his complete activity history. Per request, I’m attaching 3 files. First is this scout’s report run from SB/IA2 in Oct 2020. Second & Third are activity reports run from IA2 today. As you can see information prior to September 2020 is no longer included in the Activities Report.

To underscore this issue and to confirm that earlier activities do exist, when viewing the Scout’s profile in IA2, earlier activities are listed as records and summarize up to 43 nights, 76 miles, and 44 service hours.

Thank You, Charles

SUAC, Still seeking a solution for this issue.
VR, Charles

@jacobfetzer Mr. Fetzer, Seeking help to resolve this issue with IA2 reporting.
YIS, Charles