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Activities not showing in Scouting App

Need help for a scout. Last fall a scouts profile in IA2 had an error that he was being transferred to a different unit - in fact wasn’t nor was initiated by us. We asked district for help and the error went away about a month later.
One of the symptoms was that when the scout used the scouting (Scoutbook) app (not website) on his phone he had almost no activities reporting back. I say almost none - whether related to the transition from SB activities to IA or simply coincidence to when the error occurred, the only data he sees is from a troop camping trip I entered last fall in IA.

When I checked reports via IA website (then and now), his activity history was still there. We hoped the linkage to app and database would resolve with the error on his account.

Today, he reports that via the App, he still only sees the one camping trip and none of his prior history.

BSA 134930771

TiA Charles Collings

Is there a different forum I should submit this too?

It sounds like this issue might be a Scouting mobile app issue. I have moved your post to the Scouting Mobile App sub-forum.

Hoping someone has an idea for this issue? Should I ask the scout to sign out or delete the app and reinstall?

You can ask the Scout to try clearing the app’s data and cache. Also to make sure that the Scout is on the current version of the app. But I think this is an issue with the Scouting mobile app.

Does this Scout have the initials: S.H.?

Yes, are his initials. I’ll ask him to look for those settings in the app. I did not see them in the app or my phones app settings. Will also recommend trying to logout and back in.

Scout S.H. has multiple Scoutbook accounts and multiple BSA member numbers. We’re trying to figure out the best way to fix.

Interesting. I only see one youth account in our roster. Please note that he is a Junior so there is an adult account for his dad with the same name.

Fathers account is ID is below, one number off. It was created by council with no email and remains invite pending.


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