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Scouts Added Back into Scoutbook after Being Removed

The 15 Scouts we have removed over the last month or two (due to not participating in Scouts this year), have been added back to the Pack and their Dens. Anyone know what is going on, or if this will be corrected, or if we need to manually correct on our end (and if we manually do it, is it just going to happen again)?

Go to one of the Scout’s memberships that was added for your pack and see if there is data in the note field. If these Scouts were brought back by Member Update there would be a note added. Let us know what you find.


I am seeing a number of these in my council. A recent update seems to have removed the end date for any scouts still on the charter. Note is AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert


So are we going to have to re-do these deletions? Will they update automatically with a “fix,” or with the recharter being processed in the next week or 2?

Recharter isn’t processed until after the first of the year, regardless of when you complete your part. At that time, any scouts not rechartered will automatically have an end date added to their current membership if the position approved box is checked.

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